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High Boots for Women - Versatile Companions for the Cold Season

Wet weather, cool temperatures and slippery surfaces: in autumn and winter, the talents of the designer come into play. The collections have to be functional yet still cut a fine figure. This is the balancing act that works for the long shaft boots from softinos, which are just as suitable for the long winter walk as for the chic appearance at the office.

Designed for Each Individual Foot

In the summer, we sometimes seize the opportunity to take off our slippers and run barefoot. Since these breaks are rarely discussed during the cooler months of the year, it is important to have a comfortable, wearable, all around feel. That’s why the materials used must provide good protection against the weather and, at the same time, promote a healthy foot climate.

If you want to combine the boots with thick stockings on frosty days, you should consider this aspect when choosing the size. Soft upper materials are recommended for a comfortable fit even when walking and running. However, the pleasant texture does not help much if the fit is not right. For this reason, the width of the shaft of a high boot must always be in harmony with the individual strength of the calf.

Multi-Talented for the Active Winter Lifestyle

The cost of materials alone suggests that high-quality long shaft boots cost more than a pair of summer sandals. Accordingly, many women do not want to set up an extensive shoe park for the winter and are looking for versatile all-rounders that can be combined in many ways. For casual wear, we recommend models with flat heels, a comfortable width and a casually seated shaft. These boots make it easier to slip into and are suitable for an extended stroll around the Christmas market as well as having that trendy look for a date at the café.

These casual companions gladly take the spotlight during the frosty season and present themselves in bold colours. If the high boots complete a business outfit or if weatherproof shoe-fashion pairs up with a skirt, a more elegant style is required. If the boot shaft fits snugly against the leg, thanks to the zip fastener or elastic inserts, you will immediately get an attractive impression. That feminine touch is also achieved with a small heel and a shape that makes the foot appear narrow. Because a bright red fashion statement is not the right choice for every occasion, understated nuances such as black or dark brown are ideal for chic winter shoes.

Practical Designs for All Occasions

Even the most elegant outfit loses its appeal if you have a slapstick slip on a sheet of ice. That’s why softinos provides both the feminine women’s boots and the sporty winter models with a synthetic, profiled, non-slip sole. After all, safety on wet roads and frosty surfaces is paramount. The boot collection for women is shaped throughout by high-quality leather. This natural material is robust, breathable and, combined with anti-moisture protection, water resistant.