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Get in and get going: Slip-on Ankle Boots for Women 

With their typical look, ankle boots are the golden mean between light shoes and solid winter boots. That’s why they can be combined in many ways and stay extremely practical. This applies in particular to trendy models that can do without laces and zips. 

The perfect women’s shoes for urgent missions 

The highlight of the slip-on ankle boot is that no adjusting details are necessary for a reliable fit on the foot. This makes it possible to quickly slip into the shoe and get off to a flying start. Our brand is well suited to this principal, because softinos usually uses soft and flexible leather. In addition, some women’s slip-on ankle boots have a wide shaft. In addition to the trouble-free start, this results in a casual look that harmonizes fabulously with the sporty outfits you wear in your leisure time. So-called Chelsea boots, on the other hand, are fitted with an elastic insert in order to provide the necessary space when putting them on. At the same time, these classic slip-on boots fit snugly against the ankle, which makes them look more elegant and, for example, fit well with business fashion. 

Trendy shoes that like to walk

The wide shaft and their flexibility not only simplify getting dressed. The casual fit enhances comfort as the shoes give when running. The fact that these women’s shoes are made of soft and breathable leather also makes them comfortable to wear. To ensure a good grip on slippery surfaces in autumn or winter, profiled synthetic soles round off these boots. 

Feminine and sporty design ideas from Portugal

Classically cut Chelsea boots and stylish slip-on boots with plateau heels complement elegant fashion as aptly as feminine outfits with skirts or dresses. Flat or wide high heels from softinos are ideal companions for a long stroll in the city or activities closer to nature. It is particularly fashionable when theses casual shoes pick up the colour of your favourite jacket and present themselves in an eye-catching green, red or petrol.