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Comfortable shoes for men - put an end to foot pain! 

Finally, there are comfortable shoes from softinos for men with sore feet. Don’t be plagued by hard shoes so that you can’t wait to finally kick them off and put on your slippers.  Comfortable shoes for men from softinos make it possible to wear the appropriate shoes that are comfortable AND look stunningly casual.

Never trouble your feet again!

Everyone agrees that shoes should be comfortable, but they rarely are. Hard leather means you feel like you’re wearing bricks on your feet that you have to drag around with you. Why should anyone do that to themselves when there is soft men’s footwear from softinos? These offer up a completely new feeling whilst walking and turn your tired feet into “happy feet” - like the softinos slogan says. Stop the pain in your feet!

Comfortable shoes for men that are aesthetically pleasing

“Comfortable shoes for men” - people usually think that means shoes for the older generations that are basically comfortable, but with a style that has been out of fashion for a long while. No way. Here at softinos, we don’t deal in shoes for seniors, although they are also invited to pep up their shoe collection: Our comfy shoes for men are casual, young, colourful and timelessly stylish.
softinos are young in the truest sense of the word: since 2007, our products have been proudly made in Portugal and amaze with the high-quality materials used there. Similar leathers are usually only to be found in the production of gloves. Shoes like these are really one-of-a-kind!

Cozy shoes for the Lords of Creation

At last: softinos aren’t just available for women, but also young, fashion-conscious men who finally want to get comfortable shoes that look great all over. If you are interested in comfortable men’s shoes from softinos, but want more information, give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will be more than happy to help. Find your favourite new shoes in our online shop. We have a huge selection of cozy shoes for men and shipping is free on orders over €50.