What's so special about softinos shoes?

This video shows the secret of softness!

Comfortable Shoes - Ladies’ & Men’s Shoes from softinos

Every woman knows this problem: You can’t walk five metres in stylish shoes without clenching your teeth in pain and comfortable shoes are basically too ugly to see the light of day. This dilemma finally has finally come to an end, since softinos came onto the market - a blessing for your feet AND your outfit. With our innovative brand and large selection, we offer beautiful AND comfortable footwear to women as well as men!

The softinos brand: happy and comfortable shoes

softinos brand shoes are hand finished in Portugal. Our brand’s fresh, young concept is: "Happy Feet"! softinos brand shoes have many refined details that help to make up our brand identity - that’s why they just might be your favourite shoes.

The shoes are available in many vibrant colours and exude a happy optimism and joy of life. Of course our comfortable shoes are also available in other colours. Along with light blue and red, we offer the classic colours of beige, white and black.

Different models for every season and (almost) every situation in life

When we hear “comfort shoes”, we immediately think of a retirement home - almost no other term is worse in hindering one’s desire to buy. Comfortable ladies’ footwear from softinos not only have new, exciting colours, but are available as a leather sneaker, loafer and ballerina as well as a warm winter boot and ankle boot in the winter collection. Our ballerinas look great with summer dresses and cause no problems with a business outfit. Our boots also carry a fashionable elegance - classy shoes, also without heels.

Comfortable shoes for prolonged standing

The men now have their own collection with a sleek, fashionable as well as functional design. Comfortable men’s shoes from softinos look casual AND smart - and above all - they’re unbelievably comfortable. If you need shoes for prolonged standing and walking, you should choose softinos: superior comfort and legendary, name-giving softness achieved by using the softest materials - like glove leather. That’s why wearing the finished product is like walking on a cloud - unbelievably cozy for women & men!

Comfortable footwear for women and men - something for everyone!

Whether you have problems with sore feet or simply want a sporty, trendy and colourful shoe - whoever chooses softinos brand shoes will get comfortable shoes for women & men, made of the highest quality materials!